Decorating Your Lake Home

Your lake home should be a place that is warm, friendly, inviting, and relaxing. Here are a few ideas to enhance your lake living space:

  • When painting, use warm to neutral colors to set the tone for an inviting atmosphere. These colors may also be a bit rustic to remind you that you are at the lake.  Examples browns, olives, burgundy’s, red’s

  • Use natural wood frames and furniture when possible to bring the outdoors into your living space.

  • Be sure to not cover windows that look out onto the lake; instead, use a valance or drape fabric at the top of the window.  

  • Use plenty of accent lamps on end tables or let them stand freely when lighting at night. This will create a somber relaxing mood.

  • Add plenty of throw pillows and blankets for the extra guests that you will have.

  • Use pictures of the lake, fishing, and water-skiing to complete your decorating.


Lake Home Decorating Tips


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