So you’ve bought or are thinking of buying a lake house; how do you maintain it while you are away?

Maintaining your lake house is easy if you know the right people. I have several people who will come in once a month or more and clean your home from top to bottom.

Well, now you ask yourself, what about the outside maintenance? I also have people who specialize in water pressure cleanup, landscaping, and keeping your grass cut. I can also have them check your dock and move it in or out as necessary.

Still worried about water leaks or electrical problems? I have a staff who specialize in these areas and will come to your house promptly to fix any type of problem that you may have while you’re at the lake or away. 

Planning a family cookout or picnic? Don’t have time to run out to pick up dinner or go grocery shopping? yes, I have people that will do those things for you as well.

Call or e-mail me for a complete list of team members who can make lake living maintenance free!  

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