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With so many homes for sale on the market now, it is vital that you pay attention to the details of your home.  A beautifully landscaped yard can leave a lasting impression on buyers. Make sure your home is organized, and has the right amount of furniture to showcase your home. When decorating don’t use décor that is so taste specific. This can leave a bad impression on buyers. Spend money where it counts the kitchen, master bathroom, or an outdoor living space.

Update those older fixtures in your house to give your place a new look. Replacing old cabinets and adding new countertops can change the entire look and feel of the kitchen and really “wow” potential buyer. This will put your home at the top of the buyer list. The master bath is also a good place to earn points with a buyer. Change out the old fixtures and replace the cabinets with floor cabinetry. This will add value to your property and help you recoup your initial investment. Great landscaping is the key to attract buyers to your property it is the first thing they see. It sets the tone for the entire showing. Make sure your lawn is well manicured and you have plants and trees throughout the yard. The front lawn is the welcome mat to your home.


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