Why are the prices so different?


Confused as to why the prices are so different? Lake prices vary depending on location, corp line, and water depth.


Location properties located in lake communities bring more money. These communities include Reed Creek, Rocks Springs, Payne’s Creek, and the area near the lake Hartwell Dam. Do not forget to visit some of the newer lake communities such as Elrod Ferry, near Elrod’s Ferry Park and boat dock.

The U.S. Army Corp of Engineers has designated the orange corp line that determines how close a home can be build to the water. This line circles the entire 962 miles of shoreline. That extends from the Lake Hartwell Dam and into Anderson South Carolina, and into Seneca and loops back around to the other side of the Dam. Some areas have a closer corp line which means you could build closer to the water. These properties bring more money because of the view.

The water depth on Lake Hartwell can make a hundred thousand dollar difference. Properties with deep water are considered to be more valuable because during dry season these properties will still have water. Consumers are willing to pay more for water year round. Call or email me for more information on Lake Hartwell property prices.


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