Creating Curb Appeal

First impressions are critical in the home selling process. If your home doesn’t look attractive and inviting from the street, chances are a buyer that sees your sign won’t even stop. And with so many houses on the market, any advantages your home has over the others, the better it has of selling quickly and for more money.

Change the look and change their minds
If an agent is taking a potential buyer to your home for a walk-through, how it looks on the outside will affect how they view the inside. If a home looks unkempt, the natural assumption is that it hasn’t been well maintained. Change the look and change their minds! For example, say you’re going to view a home you’ve chosen from the MLS and as you drive up, you notice the lawn hasn’t been mowed, a shingle is hanging loose from the roof and the paint is peeling on the shutters. Not a very flattering picture, is it? We might be able to overlook some of these “cosmetic” damages but a potential buyer surely won’t.

Don’t take offense, take action
Finger smudges all over the front door might go unnoticed day after day as we get caught up in our daily routines but visitors will notice them. How many times have you been to an otherwise clean home and noticed a little dust and an odd smell? We may overlook little things that we live with on a daily basis but visitors don’t. To get an idea of what things need to be cleaned, repaired or replaced have a trusted friend or your agent take an objective tour of the outside of your home to notice what needs to be done. Don’t take offense of the things they notice, take action! These observations are invaluable to seeing what your potential buyers will see.

Use the CCRR method
It might be easier to remember the two Cs and two Rs: Clean, Clear, Repair and Replace. Clean everything, clear the clutter, repair what’s broken and replace what can’t be fixed.

But the best part of creating curb appeal is that it isn’t hard and it doesn’t have to be expensive. Doing these simple things will help you get your home in ready-to-sell shape so it gets noticed and then sold! And that’s whole the idea, right?

  • Mow your lawn
  • Edge your lawn for a manicured look
  • Weed the flower beds
  • Plant seasonal flowers
  • Trim your bushes
  • Pressure wash the walkways, brick and concrete
  • Clear the clutter
  • Clean the windows
  • Clean the gutters
  • Repair what’s broken
  • Paint what’s peeling
  • Add a new door mat
  • Add a welcome sign or seasonal wreath to your door

Making these easy, low cost improvements to your home will make it much more appealing to prospective buyers looking for homes in the Lake Hartwell area. Following this advice will help your home sell more quickly and for more money.

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